New Partnership for Safilens: Ottiko GmbH named distributor for Austria for the next five years


September 2016 – Non-stop expansion into international markets proceeds smoothly for Safilens, the distinguished Italian company whose innovative fusiontechnology™ has revolutionized the contact lens industry.

The company has just announced its new partnership with Austrian Ottiko GmbH. With these five-year agreement, Safilens entrusts the exclusive distribution of its Safe-Gel, Fusion and Open lines to Ottiko GmbH for Austria.

Established in 2013, Ottiko GmbH distributes highly innovative contact lenses and solutions. It is precisely the distribution of revolutionary Safilens products that has allowed Ottiko GmbH to quickly make a name for itself in the Austrian market, favorably impressed by fusiontechnology™ and the release of bioactive substances as key to physiological restoration of the delicate contact lens/tear-film ratio.

Following is contact information for the distributor:

Ottiko GmbH – Distributor for Austria
Mariatrosterstrasse 212 A – 8044 Graz
Mariatrost - Österreich