fusion 7days presbyo and fusion 7days astigma

Safilens – set to debut: fusion 7days presbyo and fusion 7days astigma, the new weekly contacts for presbyopia and astigmatism

7days both presbyo and astigma

September 2018 - Safilens announces the launch of fusion 7days presbyo and fusion 7days astigma, the new weekly contact lenses for presbyopia and astigmatism. They complete the weekly segment of the Fusion line, the family of contact lenses that incorporates the company’s groundbreaking patented fusiontechnology™ system. It leverages the synergistic action of HA (Hyaluronic Acid) and TSP® (Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide) that normalizes and maintains the physiologic balance between the tear film and the ocular surface in stable condition, providing the wearer with natural, lasting eye comfort, even in dry environments and during exhausting activities.

fusion 7days presbyo, as with the existing daily version, is based on the afocal lens design patented by Safilens: the lens is neither multifocal nor progressive but features a small hyper-refractive central area that excludes the paraxial optical rays from the retinal image. The afocal lens increases depth of field and, therefore, the interval of accommodative amplitude. Furthermore, unlike a multifocal contact lens that requires a complex process of adaptation by the brain as well as the eye, it does not need any adaptation time because the process does not involve simultaneous vision. The LacriMass™ design allows optimal distribution of the tear film across the entire external surface of the lens, even in the marginal areas, where the greatest causes of ocular stress arise.

The toric fusion 7days astigma lens features the innovative Sleekform design, developed by Safilens to ensure precise, rapid and constant stabilization. Sleekform stabilization is based on the pure prism, ensuring minimal thicknesses and an extremely uniform surface. In addition to limiting the mechanical strain associated with wearing contact lenses, this characteristic significantly reduces the issues related to differences in distribution of oxygen flow, typical of the designs currently available. 

fusion 7days presbyo and fusion 7days astigma combine all the innovation and comfort found in the Fusion line with the functional, hygienic and cost benefits of a weekly lens. Both lenses can be used with the Sonic Wave Generator, the tool that, through the emission of sound waves and, paired with the unique fusionsol solution, ensures the removal of deposits and the reabsorption of HA and TSP® during the night, for a regenerated lens every day.

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